Omni Letter Response

11 Mar 2019

Dear Mr. Keas,

We have become aware of a letter you have distributed regarding the possible “unionizing" of your paint department workforce. There are several misconceptions in your letter that we feel you may need to be made aware of, so that all participants in this process can have correct information to make an informed choice.

  1. WAGES GUARANTEE. Assuring our members of a living wage is at the heart of what IUPAT offers. Benefit packages including health are earned by workers meeting time and hour requirements. We feel our members deserve this, and I'm sure you would agree. We also believe that a set wage protects our workers from uncertainty and offers you a qualified source of professionals to get the work done correctly.

  2. LOCAL UNION DEMANDING MILWAUKEE WAGES. This isn't the case on local jobs and would only occur if Omni work is happening in a five-county area around Milwaukee. This assurance is put in place to protect the workers and local unions in any market, keeping them competitive without disrupting the business atmosphere.

  3. UNION DUES. You imply that all unions do is collect dues. Obviously, this is far from the truth. You know through our union members that are glaziers that they get a living wage and excellent health and retirement benefits. Dues also cover training and family events, as well as representation for workplace issues and job placement assistance.

  4. WORKING CONDITION GUARANTEES. Your statement that we cannot guarantee safe conditions is a halftruth. We train members to identify and correct issues to keep everyone safe and protected. Our eye, like yours, is on getting everyone home safe.

  5. PROTECTION OF POOR PERFORMING WORKERS. We agree with you here. We want our workmanship to be held at high standards. We work with our members so they're professional and we work to address any issues they may have inside or outside of work that may impact performance. We care about our members but we're human and make mistakes. We will clarify any disagreements, but “finishing strong" is our motto to make it work for all sides.

We are very happy with the current IUPAT relationship with the glaziers at Omni and feel this win-win relationship will continue to grow with a future success for all sides, attracting more people to consider becoming a professional painter as a life-long career.


Steve Schreiner
Director of Organizing
Office: (262) 910-9064

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